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Liberty Comfort Quilt Corporation

Warming the world...One quilt at a time!


“I'm crying happy tears, because your parcel arrived today, in fact it was hand delivered to my door not 10 minutes ago.

I just love that quilt. The colours are just superb together, and I do so like pink. I'll get a photo of me with it like I promised and send it to you soon.”

Anne, Australia (December 2008)

“Thank you ever SOOOO much for the lovely quilt - it arrived today and I absolutely love it!! I am sat with it on my lap now whilst on the computer and it is so nice and soft and warm!! The colours are so me - I love them!!”

Alison, England (December 2008)

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart."Will, age: 8 His grandma adds, "Thank you so much for making that beautiful quilt for Will. He loves it. Says it's nice and warm."

Green Bay, Wisconsin (May 2009)